Construction Logistics

Imtiaz Logistics has built its success and reputation by solving and mitigating key risks that are inherent in day to day operations of complex and risky construction projects throughout Afghanistan. Our approach to complexity uses Systems Thinking, designing simple, efficient and elegant solutions that are able to generate tangible benefits for all involved in a project at any point in its lifecycle.
The way we provide logististics solutions, our customers obtain real and measurable benefits on their projects:

  • Higher on site Health & Safety standards
  • Improved project cost and programme predictability and reliability
  • Increased productivity of suppliers
  • Minimisation of damage to and loss of materials and requirement for rework
  • Minimisation of negative environmental impacts
  • Increased site security performance
  • Overall enhancement of exemplary site culture and deeply integrated teamwork

We offer all encompassing services through our total logistics solutions, but are also able to provide single service types where that is required.