Material Logistics

Safe and efficient movement and supply of materials to and around site is at the core of our approach to site logistics. Our overarching vision eliminates the need for trade suppliers to move materials, allowing them to focus on production in a safe environment. The guiding principles and objectives of the strategies behind our solutions are:

  • Deliver the right materials to the right place at the right time - Just in Time Methodology
  • Optimise site productivity
  • Minimise congestion on site
  • Optimise storage of those materials that are on site
  • Eradicate loss and damage of materials
  • Increase Health & Safety

Services we provide as part of our logistics solutions:

  • Control and management of materials flows onto and around site
  • Management and coordination of deliveries
  • Provision of plant, vehicles and other equipment
  • Rapid procurement of materials and other site resources
  • Provision of, manning and management of hoists and lifts
  • Supply and management crane services
  • Managing and maintaining site cleanliness
  • Provision of 24/7 fire marshalling teams
  • Erection of hoardings
  • Small works and maintenance
  • Carpentry and builders works to improve safety of work environment
  • Traffic management
  • General site housekeeping

We offer all encompassing services through our total logistics solutions, but are also able to provide single service types where that is required.